About HarryB

Hello, I’m Harriet Bennett and I started HarryB because I knew I couldn’t be the only mum who dreaded the changing room nightmare after swimming. My children were tired and hungry, as well as wet, and if we’d been to the beach, they were covered in sand too. 
First, we’d have the wet puddle scenario- you know, you pull the towel out of the bag and the dry clothes follow straight into the puddle at your feet. 
Then there’d be the One Man & His Dog sketch, where I would attempt to round up at least one of my children, normally by cornering him
between the lockers and a wall.  
Getting him dry and dressed before he bolted was always a half-baked affair, so having peeled off the wet swim kit and made a nodding acquaintance with the towel, we’d move swiftly onto the sausage pants stage where the dry pants would roll themselves into a sausage-shaped noose around his damp sticky legs.
This would lead to the hide-and-seek in the lockers game, where the dry-and-dressed child would hurtle off to conceal himself in a locker, leaving me shrieking at a wall of closed locker doors.
From pool to car took at least half an hour, by which time the children were eating the door handles and I needed a stiff drink.
I thought ponchos would be the answer, but they’re a struggle to get on and far too loose to be warm – and besides which, they introduced another temptation – the joy of flashing. 
Then we moved to New York for two years.  My eldest son enrolled in a swim club, which involved swimming almost EVERY DAY for four months. You can imagine my dread!  Suddenly we were immersed in the American way of life.  It was a great time to share ideas and pick up tips and the biggest tip I picked up was that if you could wear your towel, you’re on to a winner.
Some of the kids had shorts made from towels, so after swimming they just whipped off their swim shorts, pulled on their towelling ones and they were good to go.  From wet to dry was one minute and pool to car was five – and the best bit was, the moms didn’t need to do a thing.  Eureka! 
Back home in the UK I looked for towelling shorts and found nothing.  Going back to the old changing room nightmare was a place I didn’t want to be so there was nothing else for it – I had to design the shorts myself.  They had to be stylish so the kids would love them, washable so the mums would love them and thick enough to dry the children in an instant.  
I set to work with my sketch book. Who would have thought that those hazy days of textile design at uni would finally be put to good use?! And so the journey began... 
Months later I found myself on the most amazing adventure in India, sourcing delicious fabrics and working with incredibly skilled craftsmen and women.
Not that I intend to stop at shorts and towels; I have lots of ideas for other yummy towel-lined products for children and grown-ups alike and if you have any thoughts about what I should design next, drop me a line.
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